September 04, 2008

A Tiny Announcement

We are excited to Announce that from time to time, Laine's Papeterie will be sponsoring a RAK Prize for a winner from Ed's Sketch! *Thank You Laine's Papeterie!*

And we will also now be known as Ed's Sketch, Got Stamp?

Got Stamp? was an idea Ed brought up to Laine's Papeterie and since we are now running this blog challenge, we would like to incorporate stamping into your Layouts using Ed's Sketch.
I am sure you have plenty of stamps in your stash and this is the time to use them on your Layouts using Ed's Sketch :)

We would also like to encourage you to post your Layouts @ Laine's Gallery so if you aren't a member yet, hurry up and Register!

For the first sketch challenge, it is alright if you missed using a stamp as we will only begin in October's challenge. Thanks for joining us in this journey where we hope to Insipre one another and have fun along the way!

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